Looking For a RYU Mentor!

Hey, Guys

I am pretty new to Street Fighter and fighting games in general. Of course, I have been playing fighting games for my entire life but it’s just recently that I’ve really wanted to get involved in a much more competitive fashion. I have chosen Ryu as my main character choice. I would highly appreciate if an experienced Ryu player could show me the ways. I do practice on a pretty frequent basis, but I need the assistance of someone who knows the game in more of technical manner. If you think you could help me out, please add me on PSN, I would very much appreciate the help and training!

PSN ID: Mobstazzz
Fighter ID: Mobstaz

Daniel “Mobstaz” Frontera
Esports Tournament Administrator & Enthusiast
Email: DanielFrontera@outlook.com
Skype: ESLMobstaz

I can’t play online bc of shitty internet, but my fundamentals are good and I’m a great teacher. I’d be willing to look at your games every now and then and offer you feedback.

Ultra gold Ryu here with a rank in the 5000’*s. Cfn: buttonmashernoob

CFN/PS4: ParryThis
A defensive Ryu, footsie and mixup based.

Good games

Added you guys, I’m down to do some matches today if you’d like. I could use some tips since its not fun loosing over 1500 LP in one night lol.
I try to play Ryu as aggressive as I play Bison but it’s not really working out.

Fighter ID - Raidou_

Experience is best teacher