Looking for a scan of Lili from T5DR. Anyone?

I guess the image is from some sort of japanese art book. This is the image


Anyone got a scan of this, or knows where I can find it? Thanks in advanced

this good?

I’m rendering that shit and making a sig for it.

DUDE YOU ARE AWESOME!!! THANKS!!! :smiley: How’d you get the image?? I’ve been looking all over the net for a scan like this :smiley:

Got to ask:

Is he an artist,and has other pics? Cause at first I though it was Falcoon, but the boobs and nose messed it up.

the artist is called ‘Missing Link’

site: http://missinglink.sakura.ne.jp/

(also if you cut a clear render of that pic, share plz, i suck at cutting things out)

I came. Waves.



There’s a little bit of white specs, but like 5 minutes in PSP can get rid of it, and shrinking it down to avatar size will be unnoticible