Looking for a Seimitsu Blast City CP

Hi guys.

Been researching for places and ways to get a 2player, 6-button, Sega Blast City control panel that’s able to mount LS-32’s. So far I haven’t had much luck. Anyone know where I can get one?

From what i gather the Astro City and Blast City is identical apart from the overlay.

And if that is the case then you can get them from either here Lizardlick or here Akihabarashop(See the Astro City-2L12B or Astro City-2L12B-Empty-Panel depending on if you want with or without stick and buttons),

Thanks for replying Nisse. I’m restoring my Blast City cabinet and would like to have a Seimtisu Blast City panel to keep it as faithful to it’s original form as possible. I’ve contacted Akihabara and unfortunately they don’t have what I’m looking for. Lizardlick indeed has a compatible panel, but it’s one that needs it’s own overlay.

Worst case scenario I guess I’ll have to pick up a Sanwa panel.

I get the feeling that the panel I’m looking for might not even exist:lol:

I don’t think there is a Seimitsu Blast City?
I’ve never seen one before.

Hmm, but if you could get ahold of the graphics for it on high enough resolution you could always make a reprint of the overlay, not original but close as you might get i suppose


On this page at arcade otaku, spinz has an ultra sexy version of what seems to be the right panel. I PM’d him to ask, he said he was unsure because his cab came with that panel.

I’m going ask him if those are indeed seimitsu sticks.

Yeah I will look into the reprinting as well. I just want the same thin, sturdy feel.

Are you looking for just the panel or the whole bezel along with it?

You’re looking for a Seimitsu Blast City 2L12B or 2L8B. However, seeing as there’s no price listed on it on Seimitsu’s site, I don’t think they make those CPs with Blast City artwork anymore.


OMG! Were you actually wrong about something!

Oh dick!
And I was looking at that before this Thread was made too.

I don’t even know why I typed that Post of mine.

I have one that I just recently bought. It has some rusting and is still attached to the bezel. Would you be interested?

I’m looking for just the panel. But I will consider the whole unit just get my hands on the panel.

That’s unfortunate. Thanks for chiming in. At least I know what it’s specifically called now.

jdm is still da man

I’m certainly interested! I’ll PM ya.

Send Ken@thegameroom.com an email. He was able to get me two used versus city panels for my astro form fair prices. He might have gotten a hold of one with one of his cab shipments.

Thanks! I just emailed him. He’s my current hope.

I think you can buy them at Gremlin solutions if you’re willing to pay shipping from UK.