Looking for a semi-modern game without input shortcuts to help develop stick execution


Hello. I’ve just recently transitioned to an arcade stick which I’ve had for years on the shelf, and i’m ready to embark on the long journey of developing competency and consistency with the stick. I’ve already started practicing with SF3: Third Strike, as I know it has less pronounced input shortcuts compared to SF4/5 and the combo structure seems more challenging (i’d prefer to start with something more difficult). The only issue with Third Strike (Online Edition) is that there is no input display. I often find I make execution mistakes when I incorporate specials mid combo and I have no way to discover exactly how i’m butchering my inputs in the heat of the moment.

I’m looking for a game that doesn’t utilize input shortcuts or has very minor implementation of them, and most importantly also has an input display. I’m really shying away from playing some of these more modern fighters because I want to develop a level of execution that isn’t accustomed to to any one game’s specific input leniency. I want to be able to universalize the application of my experience and sacrifice the least amount when transitioning to newer fighters.

TLDR: what are some games with little to no input leniency that contain input displays and rather strict (execution demanding) combo timings/structure? I’m up for anything, classic SNK titles, anime fighters, sidesteppers.


I believe KOF 98 might match what you’re looking for. In fact, I believe the KOF triple pack on Steam (98 UM FE, 2k2 UM, and XIII) is on sale for like $10.


Guilty Gear Rev/Rev2, training stage has a great input display for the buttons and stick that can clean up your stick directions(it has for me and I’ve been using stick for years) also a great combo/trial mode. PC version you can get the game to 1f of input lag, PS4 has around 4f.


Just turn short cuts off. Or learn the short cuts.

Regardless of what the motion is, you are practicing do the required motion. So being able to do the short cut 100% correct 100% of the time means you will be proficient.

But if you have your input display on screen you can see if you are doing the move correctly anyway. And you can just focus on making the input display show that you are doing it right.