...Looking for a senpai



I’m a shit Ibuki.
I want to improve my fundamentals and reading opponents. Do any of you ~good~ Ibuki’s feel like taking a retard under your wing?
There’s some tournament matches of my Ipoopki on the Internet, under the handle “geri desu” and “slime time” but most of them are embarrassing.

One of my losing matches is about 24 minutes in.
Obvious flaws: Wasted meter on ex-kunai a million times, did not os neckbreaker to catch teleports, got hit with U2 like a dummy, got hit with cross-up psychos, etc. Very scrubby.

How do the good Ibukis get to the next level? (Other than playing a lot, not a lot nearby my area.)

Anyway, if a more experienced Ibuki would like to train with me, please add me on XBL (EAGLExSCORPION).
Thanks a lot.
-geridesu/Slime Time


Everything that you want to improve on just comes with experience. Sadly I can’t help you improve since I only have PC version, but there are others that should have XBL like MingoDynasty and Izuna.


Thank you for your reply. I also play on PC, some.
My GFWL name is SkidsMcCool if you’d like to play together sometime.
Thanks again.


Remember that Bison is a charge character. Ibuki has HK command dash that can kill charge, which also eliminates the possibility of him waking up ultra. I see that you were scared to put pressure when he has U2. And I think there was one time where you could avoid getting hit by U2 in the video (at 30:00). You can avoid it by neutral jumping, then punish. But if you already pressed a button, then there’s no escape.
A really important thing to have is a positive attitude when you want to improve. Don’t beat yourself up too much about not being good. You will improve over time as you play more.
I only play on PC. GFWL is M00n Tiger.
My Steam is cowocupu. If you have Steam, just ask about anything anytime when I’m on. I’ll try my best to help.

Edit: I might add that you have a habit of being TC10 happy, and your opponents don’t punish them either. A good way of trying to get rid of that habit is to tell your friends in casuals on how to punish it. Say something like “when you block my sweep, expect another roundhouse button and at least punish it with a BnB combo.” When your opponents start punishing it, you’re going to learn not to use TC10 carelessly and the habit will go away eventually.


Ah yeah, you’re totally right. TC10 is so dum but not many people around the Indy scene know about punishing it.

I’m always a little scared to use her command dash since it’s unsafe, but I’ll keep that in mind versus Bison. Thanks for your advice. There’s another tournament this Saturday, so we’ll see how it goes~
I’m gonna add you on steam, btw. My steam name is Skiddop.

Thanks again

Also damn I didn’t realize how LAME I sounded in that first post. Sorry for the negativity, lol


Raida is a great move and very underused :wink:


Raida is the shit. I think… can’t you raida Bison’s headstomp or something silly like that? I always try to anti air it and get bopped in the head lol


I was able to beat that Bison in the monthly tournament yesterday. 8)