Looking for a serious training buddy (XBL, Europe)


For a few years now I have been playing this game, and while there is a small offline community in the area, it is quite hard for me to attend these sessions regulary. I would really like to up my game and I feel like with the introduction of online training mode this is alot easier to do now.

Im looking for someone that is serious about the game and also wants to learn more, from setups to character specific punishes etc. I play the game mostly between 18:30 and 23:00, and a bit on the weekend.

This is what it would more or less look like:

  1. Go into online training mode.
  2. One picks his main character and the other person picks any character.
  3. Test which blockstrings are save.
  4. Test which moves are unsave, and how best to punish it.
  5. Figure out what is the max range of a move to make it save.
  6. Option selects.
  7. Footsie game: Only use 1 or 2 moves (can add more later), and figure out where to stand, and if one whiffs a normal then punish it.
  8. Play a game only using normals, and not jumping.
  9. When most things are covered we move on to the next character.

Doing this I see both of us getting alot more character knowledge, which is really important.
It is however a long proccess, but by only playing matches online it will take even longer.

Having Skype, Teamspeak or something similar would be optimal.

Let me know if you are interested! :slight_smile:

You can add me if you like dude. GT; STONE M0NKEY (zero in monkey)

I’m not on every day and not till a bit later on in the night (in UK relative to wherever you are) but I’m well up for some structured Lab work when I am. Online training room looks so useful. Currently trying to get my footsies and BnBs in order. Also got mumble and teamspeak clients

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Just FYI, a lot of what you’re proposing to do can be done yourself by looking at frame data and hitting training mode.

Good luck!