Looking for a shop to buy Push Buttons , Sticks , Panels etc


hi srk members , i am looking for a online shop to get Push Buttons , Sticks , Panels etc…

i am currently a AkihabaraShop.jp customer but im unhappy lately as ive read some others mentioning on shmups forum the same situation im having that is late shipping after ordering , i have a order atm that hasnt been shipped in over 7 weeks.

so yeah im looking to move on to something with better service , also i want something that has great shipping options like EMS/DHL/FEDEX/UPS and no fake parts !

chat soon


I’m currently a customer of http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/ and so far I haven’t had any problems with them.


Paradise Arcade Shop and Focus Attack are pretty much the fan-favorites these days.


If you need a panel, Jasen’s Customs will make whatever you want.


Etokki has good korean stuff, and seriously, while the madcatz store doesnt have a wide selection their prices are the best.


I’ve ordered from both Focus-Attack and Paradise and been super happy with both.


Not to mention those random treats from Paradise like those chocolate covered macadamias. :stuck_out_tongue:


Paradise and Focus Attack are really rad. Great customer service and really in tune w/ community needs.


hi guys , thanks for all your posts its appreciated…

im definitely setup for Sticks / Push Buttons etc with your suggestions of retailers , the only thing that i cant find on both Paradise Arcade Shop and Focus Attack are Panels

ill have to find somewhere else for them


Fellow member Jasen Hicks is making some repro Sega Lindburgh panels at the moment. I believe he may go on to make some repro Astro/Blast ones as well.

Depending where you’re at, there’s some UK stores like Giz 10p and another one (that I can’t remember) that may have what you’re looking for. I haven’t ordered from them myself due to shipping costs being prohibitive to Canada, but I’ve inquired about things, and they’ve been more than helpful, plus I’ve heard great things from other buyers as well.


Yeah, check out Jasen’s website for custom panels. https://www.jasenscustoms.com/home.php He can get you set up, and also has a high quality printing service you can take advantage of as well. Dude knows his sheeeit.


Thanks for spreading the word @FreedomGundam‌, @PresidentCamacho‌, and @Moonchilde‌ - I have the first reproduction Sega Panel showing up today! Its a blank setup only to check the fitment. If its good to go… we’re going to production!