Looking for a shoto trainer

Hi, I’ve recently gotten back into street fighter 4. And I believe I’ve gone as far as I can go on my own and in now looking for a teacher online. My XBL name is Ride Kick. I’ve started as Ryu as my main, mostly because I’m a huge fan of Daigo. Anyone willing to help me get started on my path to the next level I whole heartily welcome your teaching and guidence.


Just read the boards, play more than you read, and practice more than you actually play. Try to develop your own style, you’re never going to be Daigo/Valle/Choi/Air/etc. Not saying you can’t get to their level, but you will never get to their level if you just try to emulate what they’re doing.

Not trying to emulate doing what they do is impossible. I just would like a trainer to help me push past the current plateau i’m on now is all.

You might want to read http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=229019. It doesn’t seem like there are many free SF tutors out there. The idea that you’ve gone as far as you can on your own is extremely bizarre to me btw.

:bluu: I’m watching you…

Hah, it’s cool Kooper. I don’t think he was trying to troll, I did the same thing when I read that statement he quoted.

OP, toss me a friend request and I’ll spar with you. I don’t play Ryu much but I do main Dan, and can at least give you a fair amount of advice in that regard. My only requirement is that you have a headset so I can communicate with you and give you ideas. Yes, I know people can still hear me through their TV but it’s very irksome to talk to an unresponsive screen.

I hear Justin Wong runs an xbox live school

maybe you should check that out

GG dude

As far as the rog match

  • do not walk backwards too much and put yourself in the…you give rog more options and yourself less options
  • you have to mix up reg fireballs and ex fireballs to discourage rog from dashing, TAP, or EX dashing
  • ROg wants to use jab dash straight (and from there do nothing. jump at you, jab jab, or roundhouse as a follow up) as one of the main ways to get at you. you must give him a reason to be hesitant to do so. you have to use focus attacks to discourage rog form doing so,
  • obviously, dash smash and overhead break armor. so you have to play the rock paper scissors game and make rog guess on what to use, knowing dash straight is preferred
  • keep using low forward as a poke
  • if rog dashes straight, and you block, and you throw out a low forward which whiffs, its a free sweep for rog. this is the game inside the game of spacing and footsies.
  • your preferred punishes are basically solar plexus into HP DP (no meter) or low HP into EX tatsu (one meter. you have to make the call based on meter management. doing jab jab or just throwing is not maximizing damage enough when people whiff Tiger uppercuts or dragon punches

hope this helps!

It of course does and as helped my game loads. I also took a look at your message thanks for the tips. Lets keep on crossing fists guys.