Looking for a soldering partner

I own a company that makes custom sticks sold through a retail partner, i am tired of soldering pcb’s myself and my employees are dipshits. Any one who thinks they can quickly and efficiently solder 3 party 360 controllers i am interested in setting up a deal with you. I by pads wholesale, i would have them shipped to you 5 or 10 at a time and you would solder leads and ship the back without the controller cases or buttons. All i want back is the PCB with the cord still attached and pre soldered 12" leeds. If you are interested Hit me up let me know how much each if is end you 5 for the first batch to feel you out. Make some extra money in your spare time and enter the retail supply chain. i have already partnered with 3 companies who will be supplying parts for the sticks and they will all be credited by name as part of there deal. i do not have a RELIABLE source for PCB’s so step on up.

I’ve read some of your posts and i actually have a few of you in mind already just wanna see who contacts me.

What is the name of your company and can we seen some of the work you have done before?

I may be interested. I’ve done alot of soldering in my life & I just bought a new bad ass soldering station. PM me your details so I can see your work and you can see mine. We can then negotiate prices.

We are a startup, we have negotiated to custom wood kits not currently available and will be using Happ / sanwa architecture, the interface device has been the only thing holding this up, currently available interface options are simply not within price range of an OEM. All parts on order and i will be receiving prototypes for approval soon.

So far i have two bids, but price alone will not be how i make my decision.

I can’t help with the soldering, but if you’re looking to buy customized PS3/PC pcb’s, Im your man. Logos on the board, company and or product name when plugged into a PC, etc.

i pm’d you toodles.

I sent you PM.

james123 does this afik

Thank you all for your responses i pretty confident that i have something worked out with one of you. it’s cool to see so many techs respond.

Good luck with your endeavours, dude. Be sure to post up some pics of your sticks for us when they’re good to go! :smile:

contact user hozie. he does GREAT work.

Will do, it’s gonna be a few weeks though.

Thanks for the heads up.