Looking for a solution to using Sega Saturn Pads on 360

I have a USB, PC+Mac Sega branded Saturn controller. It’s not one of the knockoffs. Works on PS3, but not 360.

Is there any kind of converter I can get? I also have an old actual sega saturn pad as well. Looking for something that doesn’t introduce lag, either (which may be impossible). Still, I’m open to solutions.

Thanks in advance.

PS, is there a way to actually wire a Saturn pad to work with 360? Thanks again.

I use the official Saturn style pad for PS2, hooked-up via the eTokki PS2->360 converter. Seems to work like a charm, but I’ll admit that I haven’t done any in-depth testing for lag / input drops on it yet. No apparent mishaps yet though.

I don’t know if there’s any way to get the USB controller to work on 360. If you can find a good SAT->PSX converter, then you could presumably daisy chain converters from SAT->PSX->360 to get an original pad working on it, but I don’t know where to find a good SAT->PSX converter these days (and that’s actually something I’d be interested in obtaining, if anyone happens to know of a good source).

This is all I could find as far as PS2 saturn pads go. Looks like a custom job. Would this work?

Couldn’t find anything on Ebay for the Tokki converter :confused:

This is the converter I was talking about. Like I said, haven’t done any thorough testing on it, but it’s from a reputable source and modeled after a known good converter (Xconverter 360).

That modded pad you linked is interesting. I’m tempted to buy and try it out for myself, haha. If it works fine the only apparent issue would be no Back/Select button. The real deal is way too rare and expensive these days. Last few times I’ve spotted it on the second-hand market it was sold for $120-$200.

You should definitely read my thread about project box controllers. There is a Tutorial in the 6th post of that thread for the FGWidget convertor, but you need to understand everything above it.

There is a board called a FGWidget Convertor from Toodles that can allows you to make a Saturn, Snes or PS1/2 Controller to output the button presses to a DB-15 port which you can then hook up a hacked xbox 360 PCB to that DB-15 port. This is a very complicated mod, but very possible, and you don’t have to open up the saturn pad. To order a FGWidget Convertor you have to order direct through Toodles. It is listed somewhere in the first post of this thread.

[SIZE=4]Xtokki 360 converter + PS2 Saturn Pad would be your best bet.[/SIZE]

I was lucky enough to buy a PS2 Saturn pad (The White one) when they first came out…now those pads are super hard to find but you should maybe ask if anyone wants to sell theirs.

dude just do what i did for awhile, get a sf 15th anniversary fightpad. look in my profile pic. its teh closest thing to the saturn you can find. and its a ps2 controller. you can get a ps2 to xbox360 converter easy.

Also, I have a video on youtube of the fightpad:

No one linked my junk. :sad:


There’s no way to get your USB pad to work short of hacking it up.

The eBay guy is way cheap considering the labor. You should ask him what he uses for the PCB. It’s probably a PSX digital pad which would work fine with converters.

PS2 Saturn pad + 360 converter is the most sexy but expensive answer. Be prepared to pay well for that.

The FGWidget is also cool if you are technically inclined.

Thanks everyone for the replies and advice.

I used to own a purple, Vampire Savior edition of the Saturn PS2 pad. Sold it on Ebay a few years ago for 150 :confused:

Not opposed to dropping serious money. To me, the Saturn pad is the “Madcatz TE” of fight pads, so dropping 200 dollars or more is not out of the question.

I have 1 USB pad that is actually has water damage, I had to open it up and dry it out. Seems to work ok now, but yeah. My other pad I gave to a friend a long time ago. Anyways point is, I’m going to get some money together and look into my options. Thanks again guys

My final question.

Would pad hacking not have any input lag? I know converters vary on that, but if i solder this thing and do it right will it have input lag?


Sucks that you had a PS2 pad and sold it. They do sell for a premium. If you go the pad hacking route it will not introduce lag. The other problem with the USB pads is that many of them are bootlegs. Unless you bought it long ago from a legit reseller it may be a fakie.

The FGW Converter polls the controller every 5ms, over 3 times per frame, and no affect on gameplay. The only way around that would be to crack open the Saturn pad, disable or remove the existing electronics and run the signal wires out of the pad to solder onto a common ground Xbox360 pad, making it pretty much a monstrosity. But it’s an option.

The way I’d recommend would be to get an FGW Converter, a Saturn extension cable (so you can cut and use the female end) , a common ground Xbox360 pad (MadCatz Fightpad preferred), and a box to put it in. The final product would be a box with a USB cord coming out one end to go into the Xbox360, and the female Saturn cord coming out the other end, making it a dedicated Saturn->Xbox360 converter. No Saturn pads, hallowed be thy name, would be destroyed in the process. (I get crabby when I see people destroying old pads that arent made anymore, especially classics like Saturn, SNES, and NES pads.)

Toodles - You need to sell these sir now that Paul from Keio isn’t making Saturn converters. A FGW/MC Cthulhu hybrid would be sexy.

If I remove the IC chip from a saturn pad, does it basically become a neutered pcb?

was thinking if did that and then just put a 360 madcatz pcb into a project box and wire it up like Kyle has in tuturial i’d have a 360 pad? yes? no?

Yes, though you probably should use Toodles’ converter. My tutorial is definitely less technical and you can use things you have handy. The fun part with project boxes is that I can do silly things like use a Saturn pad on the NES.

Ok Cool… have the Saturn MK-80100 pad that i found at value village with a busted shoulder button that I’m going to try some magic with… Pad gods… please dont smite me!!