Looking for a sparring partner on SF4AE (XBOX 360)



I have been playing SF4AE for a couple months now and I’m trying to improve my skills. I have read the forums and also watched tons of videos online of Xaio Hai an Popi since I main Cammy to learn combos and also frame traps just need some feedback from somebody an also maybe some guidance to improve.


mightv wanted to read a bit more to find the matchmaking threads. mods move this plz


Cool story bro. Try the Online Outlet–XBL section of the forums. You’ll probably find more results there than posting it on non-relevant forums to your post.

That or add the gamertags of the other thousand people that post up the same stuff. Y’all should get together.

Better yet: Try Regional Matchmaking and look for players who live close to you so you can get some offline sessions in. Much more fun than online sessions, they’re willing to help you out a lot more, and you get to meet the local scene. All winning points in my book.


@eltrouble I appreciate the info man! Sorry had no idea this was in the wrong category