Looking for a specific #R pic

I’m looking for a large sized jpeg of a certain pic from #R. You can unlock it in the gallery. If anyone can find it for me, or better yet, screen capture it at the max possible size (nothing in the way of the pic, like text or anything. If need be, take multiple screen captures covering the whole thing to get the entire image, I can put them together) and send me it, I’d really appreciate it (No reward though, sorry). I don’t want a large version of the cd cover, I want a picture of the actual art itself.

The picture is of I-No pretty much wearing Sol’s outfit. It’s also on the cover of one of the cd’s, and I’ve attached a file to show you an idea of what it looks like. PM me if this something you can do for me.


I have that pic in my GGXX artbook, full size, much better quality. I don’t have a scanner but gimme some time, I’ll see if I can find someone who has a scanner.

That’d be awesome. I’ve seen the book, forgot to mention it. I know someone who has that artbook also, but I just met him recently, and don’t know him all that well. Plus, I don’t really feel comfortable asking him if I can borrow this book he just got, take it home and cram it in my scanner and all that. If that’s something you’d be willing to do, I’d really appreciate it.


If you wouldn’t mind, there’s another small pic I wouldn’t mind having either. Pick of who I assume is Millia with Sol’s headband and a guitar. Any additional I-No art you wanna throw in would be cool too. All of this totally optional. Thanks.




Well unfortunatly, no one that I know has a scanner, so I can’t help, sorry. If you’re willing to spend money yourself though, I can tell you where to get the artbook

Weak. Thanks for trying though.


Sorry, I don’t have the cover art.

However, that image you’re looking for is also given as a reward for completing Mission 26 in both GGXX and GGXX#R.

Attached is a small and large version of that image.

If you want all the other Mission artwork, Arcade artwork, and Story Mode artwork, then check the GGXX#R Sprite rip thread. I’ve ripped them all already, and the character portraits as well.

<3 Nine