Looking for a specific Street Fighter 2 Turbo version

i’m looking for a version of Street Fighter 2 Turbo that works on WinKawaks/MAME32k/whatever, that allows the winner of a Versus match to select another character… it’s very annoying to be forced to play until you lose with only one character, especially when your opponent is weak against this particular character…

i’m NOT asking for warez links, just for the title of the version/hacked rom… i can find my way around on teh internets :smiley:

i hope there is such a version and i can finally ditch the ugly SEGA Genesis version that behaves like i wish :slight_smile:

Almost all arcade games don’t let you select characters after you win, it’s just a general rule of thumb. A few games that deviate from the rule are 3D games and probably a few other games that I can’t think of at the moment, but a lot of recent games still follow this.

All that said, there shouldn’t be any version of the game that lets you do what you want on winkawaks/mame, so you’re out of luck.

rainbow edition

well good luck trying out all the million versions:sweat:, i believe none of them let you select your character after each round, i know that some of the special editions switch your characters randomly during the match but i am not sure wich versions.

MAME has all the versions playable. you just got to search for the right game. good luck!

well i know on the cps2 games you can just set the machine to event mode in the dipswitches dunno about on cps1 tho…you could just restart the game whenever you win :confused:

Hyper Super Tera Turbo Edition

shen long and blanka’s mother are finally playable

Most modern (ie. SF Alpha series) Capcom fighters have an EVENT MODE setting in their arcade Dipswitchs menus. (To get to the Dipswitch menu, I think for WinKawaks this is done with the F11 key, while for MAME32k it’s the F2 key) It should be under Configuration --> Game —> Event Mode.

If you see it, just set “Event Mode” to 1 Match. What this does is that it sets the machine to run/play only ONE versus match before ending the game right away. This feature is good for saving time while running arcade tournaments without having to kill off the winning character or reset the machine… in effect, it’s the arcade board’s version of a Versus Mode.

Unfortunately for you, old school SF games don’t have this feature.