Looking for a specific type of joystick [updated *pics*]

I’m looking a specific type stick. I don’t know how to explain it so I drew:


My local arcade uses this type of stick and I’m quite fond of them. The stick doesn’t move around much. Also it’s quite hard, you can’t move it with your fingertips, you have to apply quite much force.

Does anyone know if I can find a stick like this?

the bottom is prolly a happ stick the top 1 is probably a jlf or some seimitsu prolly a 33 or 40.

it is short throw joystick
distance <6mm -short throw
distance >6mm-10mm< -medium throw
distance 10mm< -long throw


Suzo STC, Magnetick Joystick, CoinControl (short throw), MCA, T-stick

Based on what you drew, Happ/iL sticks with hard springs would give you what you want. Korean sticks can also qualify, but your local arcade probably isn’t using Korean sticks.

If you want to get really specific, go there and play with it and see which of these two descriptions it matches:

Competition - very stiff spring, makes clicking sounds when pushed in a direction (these are microswitches being depressed), the outside perimeter of its movement range feels like a chunky circle, maybe an octagon (it’s really a square with very corners but you’d never ever guess that)

Perfect 360 - incredibly stiff spring, makes no “clicking” sounds when moved around, only soft squeaks (the spring), the perimeter of its range is a perfect (smooth) circle

There are other Happ/IL sticks but they’re honestly all crappier predecessors of the Competition joystick; I swear on my life you shouldn’t bother with them (especially for fighting games) unless you’re trying to make some authentically retro setup.

did you bother to ask them(the arcade owner) what stick they were using on that cabinet??

I did. The techicans doesn’t know anything about them and I couldn’t reach upper management.

I just played. I couldn’t hear any sounds, it was loud out there but I felt clicks. Also it’s diagonal, you can feel 1,3,9,7 corners.

Here’s the stick. It was on an “OK Baby 28’ - 29’ screen” cabinet.


Here’s how far it goes:


Hmmmm, I don’t know my sticks well enough to tell you for sure, but I think it’s a Happ Super. The bat is sort of short and chubby compared to the bats on most of their other joysticks.

I think you would be able to see a bit of silver (bare metal) shaft on a Sanwa JLW, but I’m not 100% sure. It would also have a looser, softer spring unless they specifically changed it for a harder one. However, the stick’s movement would be square (where you can feel the 1,3,7,9 corners and 2,4,6,8 are flat perpendicularly) as you described.

The Super is a decent stick. Most players prefer the Competition over it, but as always its just a matter of preference, some some people swear by the Super and the Super alone. This thread will explain the differences between the four main models of Happ joystick.

Looks like this:


The page I hot linked the image from.


Universal Joystick is easy mount type - top panel only:P

for me it is 80% old ver. T-stick

or 20% iL PSM

It looks like a Happ Universal:


I’m sure the game attendants (i.e., “ticket fillers”) at your arcade wouldn’t have a clue… You need to find the game room manager and ask him if he’ll open up the panel for you. Once you get a look at the inside, it will be a lot easier to figure out what it is.

I can put one of these on my next Happ order if you need one, btw… Should be about 15 bucks…



Thanks a lot for the help guys. Happ Universal, Ultimarc E-stick and old T-stick are look very close to what I’m looking. I’ll try to find a shop that sends just one internationally :slight_smile: .I’m thinking of buying one of these and a Hori stick for my 360 and try to mod. Well time to hit the stickies.

Thanks a lot again. If you have any further info, feel free to add by all means…

There is not enough room in a Hori stick. You should get a custom stick built.

Well duh. I have a dual X-Arcade, would the Happ one fit in it? Or do you know any other 360 sticks I can use?