Looking for a Stick maker


Topic says it all. Any stick makers out their


I make cases out of acrylic and wire them up. See instagram link in my signature for pics.

If you are looking for wooden cases then Doug from Foe Hammer can make you a custom case to your specs.


I’ve seen doug’s work it’s nice, but for specific reasons I am unable to do business with him. I know there are a lot of talented wood workers on SRK. Hoping one will post :slight_smile:


Are you trying to get a wood or metal stick? If you want a metal stick, you can go to Jasencustoms or Allfightsticks. They both have facebook and storefront pages. If you want wood, Arcadepc.mx and Devastator make them. If you want acrylic, you can go with EJM since he already posted in this thread or go to marvelouscustoms.


Check out @devastator 's thread


He is not taking work at the moment


These guys make fantastic metal sticks: http://allfightsticks.com/


AFS is 100% top tier. I ordered a case and it was shipped / received within 5 days.