Looking for a stream to watch


Check out these guys. They are a small stream just starting out in so. cal. Really nice guys and from what I’ve seen really knowledgeable. Stop in, say hi, and watch some matches. You may learn something new. They play all kinds of games so add them and see what they play next http://www.twitch.tv/thbuttoncheck




Went in then left pretty much immediately. Really bad stream quality, especially bad for offline play. So choppy.


Yea they are having some issues. They are still working on getting everything figured out like I said its a new stream. Just trying to help out some and get their name out there because they are trying to get a scene going and they are working on fixing the quality.


I’m just trying to help a small group get some support. Gotta start somewhere. If you don’t like the quality I do apologize. I’m not there just trying to support some good guys.


This section isn’t really for shameless plugging. Nobody knows or cares about these guys.