Looking for a teacher in SSF4 AE 2012


I’m looking for someone to learn the fundamentals of this game. I main cody so it would be awesome if i can learn from a good cody player.
I do have a mic. gamertag: Shadow man mm3


Well what part of the planet are you from? Because nobody wants really laggy matches. I’m from east coast U.S.

I used to teach people about AE before I fell into my fighting game slump :confused: I just haven’t felt the same drive to play that I used to. Maybe if somebody is relying on my knowledge of the game I might be able to dust off my copy of AE. Though I don’t play Cody I could give you some advice here and there. I know a guy or two that plays Cody but I’d have to get back in touch with him.


Well, I’m from the west coast, so I’m not sure if that’s too far for a decent connection or not.


Well ill add you but Dead Rising coop has been eating my playtime the last few days :confused:


accepted the add, feel free to msg when you are ready. I mainly play umvc3 and re-learning skullgirls , those games are eating alot of time for me


I’m from the Midwest and play DeeJay but I might be able to help you.


I do Vega and Guy, but I have a bit of experience with Cody and learning him right now. Don’t mind helping. I’m DAKO360 WOLF.


Hey im in California I’d really appreciate for someone to teach me ryu I’ve been playing since ssf4 ae but still can’t get above 1000 player points i go to training mode sometimes but that gets boring pretty quick it would be really cool to find someone who doesn’t mind helping my gamertag is opiatemaster