Looking for a teacher.

Can anyone help?

Hit me up on PSN and by watching me play, you’ll know what NOT to do.

Note: I also have a mic so please note during ‘class’ that I may start shouting nonsense or start holding a conversation with someone who is actually sitting next to me in the room at that time. However, I will uphold my duty as a ‘teacher’ to educate you to the best of my degree.

The degree of Shenanigans.

for SSF4? or fighters in general?

I have a PS3 mic so I could help you out some aswell.

I’m no obi-wan but, maybe I can give you some insight into where your problem areas are.

I stay in Dallas, Hit me up. Ultimatekaos: PSN! What exactly do you need help with?

will you leave a review for me on ratemyprofessor.com?

You and I were meant to play together.

Mainly SSF4 but I want to expand to many fighters in general.

Oh, and I’m on the 360 atm.

Hit me up dogg. lol

I’m on PSN and Windows Live

PSN: MariTrunks
Games for Windows Live: MaritrunksS

I show you how to deal with those bullshit hadokens and tiger shots :wink:

I’m down to play on 360 a bit. Can’t find my damn headset and it’s driving me crazy, but I’ll message you some feedback. Look me up online.

Still looking for a sensi…