Looking for a template for mounting buttons and the stick

well i have searched and searched but after 3 days of looking around here and other custom sites i cannot find what i am looking for

what im looking for is a template for cutting the MDF board under the plexi so that everything is spaced correctly sitck to buttons and the butto0ns them selves (button configuration doesnt matter but prefer 8 button)

the only thing i was able to find were psd files for artwork on HRAP and the MC SE/TE sticks

this what you need?

yes something like that but with the rectangle cutout shown for the sanwa/semi mounting plate

that page is awesome though thanks

If you’ve been searching for three days and can’t find anything you’re an idiot.

If you have photoshop (if not look up GIMP, it’s photoshop for free) then you can just use a template from slagcoin’s site (they should be to scale I believe) and add this LJF template that TRNG has lovingly provided in another thread (assuming that’s the plate you’re using/needing). Print it out and profit.


That’s the best I can offer up and it’s what I’m going to do. I’m building my box this week and the parts aren’t coming for another week or two. It sucks, but it’s my only option right now given my access to tools and whatnot.

EDIT: Here’s a template comparison pic of the Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu RE mounting plates provided by lloop9 in another thread. It might help as well, I dunno.


More templates here:


You can get dimensions for the plate lots of places (including the post above). Just drop that on a template.

thats probably what im going to do as well just PS the block onto the templates i already have

well lets see i have found templates but not exactly what i was looking for
i was looking for something along the lines of the top portion of this


just in a blue print form

there really was no reason for you to sling insults in my direction

I’m looking for that exact top portion in blueprint/layout form as well. Would be so much nicer than just poking around with a router and hoping for the best once my parts come in, haha.

That’s from Norris Arcade. If you go to the FAQ,

So it is…well damn. I’ve been through every page of that site so many times now throughout my planning phase and I haven’t even thought to give them a shout. ::smacks forehead:: Thanks, Evelgest.

yeah thanks alot rep given

Wouldn’t they just send you a photo of the button layout? I was thinking what you needed was the mounting plate grid on top of the button layout.

Previously posted: http://akihabarashop.jp/developments/images/sanwa-JLF-P-1Measurement.jpg for the plate

http://slagcoin.com/joystick/layout.html for layouts.

You will need to scale each image… but perhaps I should make one myself for people to use. I believe the common practice is to simply wait for your mounting plate and outline it after putting the Slagcoin layout over the mounting material (wood, plastic, metal, etc). That seems easiest.

Yeah, that would be lovely but sadly I don’t have that luxury since I’m only home for a week and home = access to the tools I need that I don’t own myself. I didn’t put my order in on LL till 03/03 so I’ve got some waiting time till they come in. Bummer.

If you make one feel free to post it in this thread. :slight_smile:

Ya, if you make one please post it here.