Looking for a trainning buddy


As per the titel said i am currently looking for a training partner i can get extensive games with. I say this because im not looking for someone who is only looking for wins i am looking to get match up exp and tips and everything that comes with that. Play to learn not play to win kinda idea. It would also be great if the player skill level would be close to my own which is moderate at best. Please pm me if you have any questions.




what system do you play on? if its ps3 im down


Yeh you should mention console, area, time you play, etc…


looking for people to fight? [Try this.](#SFxT IRC chatroom on Efnet, come one, come all!


I also really need someone I can play regular so that I can learn and improve.
I’m UK based and on PSN.
My ID is I-Z-O-N.

I’m currently using Rolento/Paul, but am looking to learn a bit of everyone to help me with match ups.



I’ll play with you. 360, east coast. I have a mic, am willing to chat. PM me if this works for you.