Looking for a tutor (XBL)

(Before you say go watch the beginner’s videos, read tutorials, etc, I have. There’s a difference between learning and putting it to practice.)

I don’t really have a good fighting game pedigree as most people do. I haven’t taken any fighting game seriously or competitively, but now I’m interested in doing so. I’ve been playing Super/AE for only about a month, and it’s been a pretty rough month. I’m just interested in getting better at this game and having some fun while doing so. So far, getting bodied match after match is what I’ve been experiencing. I’ve been to like 3 local gatherings and they guys there are obviously better than me. They’re cool guys, but it’s hard to learn from them.

I chose Ryu just because the moveset is what I was familiar with, since I somewhat played SFII for SNES. He’s a really balanced character. He has an anti-air, projectile, and an okay poke with crossover opportunities. What I struggle with is executing Shoryuken FADC’s into Metsu Hadoken. I can’t really chain or link any combos, as my timing sucks, but my execution is decent.

One matchup I cannot win is against another Shoto… I’ll get zoned and when I try to get in, I’ll get SRK’d or whatever. Also in general, I also don’t do well when someone’s applying pressure and getting in my face. Whatever the case, I just need help in general with Ryu and Street Fighter.

I play on Xbox and my gamertag is Treble Fiend. I do have a mic. I do have a stick, which is a Madcatz Tournament Edition. I play somewhat regularly on my days off from work. I’d like to work with someone patient and laidback, but know’s what they’re doing. I have an excellent connection, with 25 mbps down and 5 mbps up, open NAT, and I’m basically the primary user most of the day.

Going to events is a great way to pick up some first-hand knowledge…

Try asking more directly for help at the local gathering you mentioned

I mean, it’s not like they aren’t willing, but it’s hard when all they want to do is compete or play against someone of similar levels. They’d rather play than teach, basically.

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