Looking for a universal, reliable starting controller


I am just starting out in the fighting game scene (Haven’t been to any sort of locals or anything due to lack there of where I am) and I want to find a reliable starting controller that’s not too expensive ($60 Cap) but is able to last for an at least decent amount of time before breaking/ wearing down or what have you.
I do realize finding a long lasting controller within a $60 range isn’t the easiest task, and It doesn’t have to be any sort of high end controller, Just one that’ll last me for my beginning days of fighting games.


What kind of system do you have? With that price I am guessing you are looking to play on a gamepad and not on a stick.

Hori Fighting Commander has a pretty good reputation and a good price point.


I’d also recommend that Hori FC pad.
If you really want a stick, I think the Qanba Carbon would be the cheapest usable stick, though it’s $70.


If you’re looking for something that will work on multiple systems, I’d get the Brook Mars, but it doesn’t have six face buttons if that’s a game breaker.

If you JUST want PS3/PS4, going for the Hori Fight Commander is your best bet.