Looking for a vega sparring partner (europe)



Hi,i am a Dudley player and i desperately need a good european vega player to get a better glimpse on the matchup cause there arent many vega players in europe.I think i am an above average dudley player and no one knows the matchup,so you may be interested too.My gamertag is SchiacciSempre (xbox live),add me if you wish to play some matches.


Shame I don’t XBL anymore. I know the Dudley matchup like the back of my hand.


European XBL is a shit enviroment to play claw in, so he is a bit rare. I hardly play claw online anymore (only when i cant resist playing him and then i only get frustrated by the limitations :stuck_out_tongue: )… i think i recognize your tag as being from italy, Splendidnull would probably be your best training buddy with the least amount of delay/lag.


I live in UK and have XBL if that helps? I pride myself on being very good with Vega, I know everything about him though I don’t mean to brag ( I definitely ain’t master) so I’d be glad to be of service :slight_smile:


Oh… then could you tell me which OS do you use to cover all Dictators’ wake up options?


Haha as if you believed that moi, a sixteen year old would be infinitely knowledgeable upon one character. No I joke since I don’t want to create any bad mojo: I have a good knowledge and that’s about it. I just got hyped yesterday cause of a massive win streak before my live ran out so I greatly exaggerated and got cocky. Apologies on that, but I shall try and answer your question. Normally we are forced to block and there are not much options for us per se but say if we did a EX Scarlet on him we could immediately go into focus straight after. Most of the time they will get hit by a level 3 even if they dash forward. But with their EX capabilities such as Psycho Crusher, it’s pretty hard for us. Other times we can just safety dash and attempt to counter. Dammit Bison. I haven’t fought many good ones so I ain’t great on that matchup. But yes sorry for my boastful attitude, I dare not claim to be the type I hate the most again. Either way, I try to have an answer to everything. Beauty lies in the grace of battle after all :slight_smile: