Looking for a video

About 3 or 4 yrs. ago i had a vid of a 3s tourney in japan (actually it was 2 vids, from the same tourney. they were about an hour each). I THINK it was from SBO, but i kinda doubt it. The most notable matches were between this Akuma and Hugo player IIRC. I was wondering if anyone would happen to have this vid. I know i didn’t give much info but I figure it’s worth a shot

It was probably an older co op cup. I’m looking for some older co op stuff too.

the only thing that I can come up with is coop cup 2, which is 2 parts, both around an hour…

About where you can get it… its hard to get yea… But ive already promised someone to upload coop cup 4 somewhere, and Ill upload coop cup 1/2 as well, I just need some time (and it has to be uploaded faster than 10 hrs with filefront… piece of shit)

thx for replying. If you upload the vid could you please let me know via pm or this thread, thx

Now that I think about it…I might have seen that Akuma vs. Hugo video. Is that the same one that people refer to as “the longest 3S fight of all time” that goes on for 7 minutes? I’ve never seen Akuma throw so many air fireballs in my life. :lol:

Here ya go, a friend of mine uploaded it to my filefront… Its 3 parts While my coop cup 2 is only 2 parts but it should be the same thing =)

Thx a lot man, pos rep for you!!!

These vids transferring hella slow for anyone else?

Yep i got like 1h30min left.:confused: :annoy:

because filefront is a biatch! it’s always been like that…


I really want to download Coop Cup 2. Is there any way you can put it on a different site besides FileFront?

FileFront simply does not work, I get a retarded slow speed, and then it disconnects.

OK, there’s one more vid i’m looking for. It came out around the same time as this one except the video quaility was mediocre. I think this one was split up into 2-3 vids. All i remember is being impressed (once again) by this akuma player, can’t remember who it is. If anyone has it and is willing to upload it, i’ll be very grateful