Looking for a way to start practicing without SSFIV AE


As the title says, I’m trying so hard to enable my improvement of fighting game mechanics. But I’m in a bind: I don’t own a current gen console. At least not now. This means I can’t use SSF4 AE as a means to start practicing.

But that being said, I don’t want to just lax off on FG mechanics UNTIL I get the required setup. It would simply mean I don’t care about the FG scene (and I’ll admit, this genre sounds like it’s not as ridiculously expensive as some of those Free-to-Play MMORPGs are - maybe to get into, but not to keep playing).

So I’m looking for ideas. So far, I’ve not run into any arcades that have SSF4 AE (if it’s even out in arcades, which I’m going to assume it is based on the naming); and I don’t really know anyone other than those guys from the Shoryuken Tourney I went to (which I had a good time at, contrary to what I portrayed).

So if anyone has any ideas on how I could maintain a regimen that didn’t involve AE UNTIL I get the ability to have AE in my house, I’d appreciate it. Also, if anyone DOES live in my area (and is willing to help a man practice), do give me a shout. I’d love to start working out.


mmmm GGPO

And visit the Regional Matchmaking area. Im sure you can find something. http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?categories/regional-matchmaking.110/


That’s all well and good. But is there any one particular game you’d have me focus on? Something as close to SSFIV as I can possibly get (not entirely, but as close to as possible).

Also, I’ll definitely check out the Regional Matchmaking area. Just curious, but does that forum also allow “Looking for match” posts on it, or is it simply limited to people who are hosting?


If you lack current gen consoles, what do you have? Also, do you own a stick?

You’ve been a member for over 6 months, which means you should be eligible to buy/sell over at the Trading Outlet here on SRK. You might be able to find a fighting game for a console that you do currently own fairly cheap. Also, check Gamestop and whatnot. I understand that this still costs you money, but it’s by far less of an investment than an entire new console.

As far as free, there’s GGPO and Dreamcast titles, but posters here can’t help you with that. If this is the route you go, your best bet would be Super Turbo. You’ll learn Street Fighter fundamentals, have tighter execution due to SFII inputs, and won’t develop weird habits that something like Third Strike might give you (not to say that Third Strike is a bad game, mind you).

On an entirely different note, if you’re ever up in WA and near Olympia, stop by one of our Thursday night gatherings.


I haven’t been posting nor lurking. That registration time only stands as for how long I’ve had this account registered. It doesn’t account for the fact it’s been accumulating dust.

As far as your first question, all I own is a PS1 - and it has no games. I USED to have a PS2, but a friend-who-is-no-longer a friend stole it from me - and I’m not getting it back. I also don’t own a stick, despite the pressure I’ve been given to get one. I’m currently in the bid to pay off my overcarried bills and get back on track - which thankfully everything should balance out by October, allowing me to have just enough for a PS3/360 by Christmas - IF I save.

The Gamestop over here closed; but there’s another store that’s more local. Problem with that is, price tags on the PS3s and 360s range in the $200 range. I can get lucky and get a smaller one for $180 maybe; that’s IF I’m lucky and get em while they have em. (EDIT - Also want to say that these are used consoles - I’m thinking it might be a ripoff, but I’m not too sure).

GGPO I’ve been a part of for who knows how long, and I’ve met very few people who don’t think I’m some kind of troll - hard to really play when people just quit in sheer disbelief over how bad you are.

And Dreamcast is a no-go, only because I’ve a hard time finding titles for that.

Any other suggestions would be nice; I’m open to elaboration on what I’ve said here, if possible.

EDIT 2 - I live in Springfield, OR. The people who organized a tourney last March saw me there, and they can confirm that fact.


1st post and Craiglist is a nice way to find cheap gaming systems/games and meet up with fellow gamers.


Pretty sure you’ve seen this thread before, but just in case…


I have actually. It was where I posted to RSVP for that tournament at the bar near my house. I haven’t seen another one pop up since (at least, no one’s informed me of anything recent), so I assumed they stopped having them.

And @poster who mentioned Craigslist - Not now. I’m in a financial bind right now, so buying one’ll have to wait until October. As far as meeting people goes, I may give it a shot - but I generally don’t trust much of what I see on that site.


You should probably just pop up in that thread and remind everyone who you are, see if anyone around is willing to do casuals with you. It doesn’t seem to be too active of a thread, but it can’t hurt.


I bet it’s probably because of how little there is (player wise) in my particular area. Not to mention I’m without a car, and transportation is strictly limited to bus route areas - I can’t walk with our current weather, not to mention it’d take me quite a while to walk over river-bridges (I tried that a while ago and my legs were still quaking).

Anyways, I’ve already popped a thread in there - talk about being a step ahead.


Uh… your best option pretty much involves playing Super Street Fighter II turbo on the PC. That game is the granddaddy of 2D fighters and something that all fighting game fans should have played and be familar with. I don’t want to talk about how to play it as it will involve those roms and emulators…


Forbidden here, eh?

Sheesh, and I’m already hearin’ no response from the guys in Eugene. It’d be nice to have some people over to play; I really feel like I’m going to start slacking off on my FG experience.

EDIT - And just so ya know, I suck with Ryu. Doesn’t matter what game he’s in.

Many peeps say I’m ultimately predictable.