Looking for a web designer

Hey there!

My staff and I on the site AllisFighter are tired of the legal situation we’re under, in not owning the site, and not being able to advertise/modify the site. Therefore, we’re desperately looking for someone experienced in web design/coding so that we may jump ship, and make a place of our own to truly service the community as a social network revolving around fighting games. We feel this type of setting, with free online tournaments/events, chats, and etc. over time would have a nice place in bringing members of the fighting game community together, and would love for someone to join us in making that happen.

That being said, if you’re interested, post here and we’ll chat about it. I’m in no rush since we have all the staff we need besides a web designer, but the sooner the better in terms of getting the wheels turning. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask as well!

Im also looking for people experienced in coding, no matter the language.