Looking for a wired madcatz ps3 fightpad

hey guys i have been looking for awhile and only come up with the wireless ps3 fightpad. just wondering if madcatz made a wired version of the fightpad for ps3. thanks

No, they are all wireless. Why not pick up one of these bad boys:
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Amazon.com: Sony PS3 Street Fighter IV FightPad - Ryu: Playstation 3: Video Games idk if its wired or not

although that does look nice the reason i was looking for a wired one was to rip it open and dual mod it with the xbox version since amazon is selling them dirt cheap. i was hoping i was just overlooking the ps3 wired ones, i guess not. O well guess i just have to settle for a chimp or something. dont know why madcatz made the ps3 version wireless