Looking for Abel players to fight against



I’m looking for some good Abel players to get some match up experience against him. I haven’t really fought any Abel players but I need this exp vs him.

Hit me up on XBL (NinjaCW) and we can get sets in.

Sorry if wrong place to post.


Who do you play mate? I’ve only got a good Bison and Blanka for me to play with my other match ups are lacking so if you’ve got someone else I’d be interested.



I play Ryu. . .where are you from cause it doesn’t seem the US :frowning:


Hi Abel crew!

I play a pretty decent Dhalsim and would also like a quality Abel on my friends-list. I’ve got the basics of the matchup down, but I’m hungry to get more-than-the-basics down. Ha. :slight_smile:

My XBL is NDRWPNDY if any of you Abel players are interested.


My location is Surrey UK it’ll probably be too laggy for you US guys :frowning: although if you want to give it a try my tag is

Mr Josephs


If anyone is down for abel matches let me know. I always have a hard time on mirrors.


I switched to Dic against you for a reason.



Abel mirrors are so weird… lot of dashing and jumping and stupid shit. hahaha


Anyone feel free to add my xbl.

I’m the best Abel in michigan…which doesn’t mean shit lol


I just picked up Abel and I am down for some Abel/any character matches I need a lot of help I only have about 300 Abel matches under my belt and most not as a main.


I would also like some abel fights

i play boxer, rufus, and sagat

PS3: pjj5001


Looking for a good Abel to spar against, I main Sagat which is always a good matchup to know for any character. Shoot me a friend request if you feel like playing.


Im looking to get sum abel matches goin wenever ur free i play viper


I am back to using Abel/Viper but I’m still up to play against you guys cause I still don’t fight that match up very often lol


If any Abel wants to play me on XBL, add me on Aireen Chan. I need a little sparring experience with Abel. I main Chun. :slight_smile:


I’ll add you very few Chun players so another look wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:


I just accepted your FR, thanks man! My friends are actually playing on my 360 right now, we’re all amped on 5 hr energy shots… just playing online, total DGAF status. Lovely G2… lol. I’ll definitely hit you up sometime when you’re online if you’re down to have a nice sparring match to learn new stuff :slight_smile: