Looking for active Indianapolis communuty


SRK threads for Indy are dead. Can someone link me to active threads on this/other forums or active facebook groups where I can get timely information on local meet-ups and tournies for Indiana? I live in downtown Indianapolis, like 3 blocks from The Arsenal Game Room, but I don’t just want to be the weird dude pushing 30 busting in on some kids on a random day.


Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with that last Indy thread, dead as a doornail.
I tried to join the facebook group too, but it’s been nearly a week without getting into it or any word from it. It’s like the Indy SRK scene just stopped existing one day.


I joined the NetBattles FB group earlier today. Is that the main group for Indy? I guess we’ll see how it goes. I’m down for trying to spur on a dialog for those interested.

I’m not great at FG’s but I’m trying to expand my experience outside of my (very) small, unmotivated group of friends who also play so that I can get to the next level.


Ah, that group is new to me, I tried the group the OP of the last indy thread posted.

But yeah, I’m in the same boat you are: small group of friends who play, I want to play against others


I have one buddy who wants to get good and grow beyond casual play. We both play on PS3 if you play online.


I play PS3 online on and off, mainly Third Strike and Persona 4 Arena.
Hit me up, PSN is thelordkoala.
It’s the first week back at school, so i’m not as free as I normally am.


I’m down for 3S, don’t own P4A (was waiting til I played P4, will now wait for new version lol). We are also waiting for BBCP before getting into BlazBlue but other than that we own and are down for seriously everything except for NetherRealms stuff.

PSN ID: Duanewayne


The Indy scene is VERY active. They have monthly tournaments and regular get togethers from what I hear. The facebook page is definitely the way to go.