Looking for adonn mentor



seriously, show me the secrets. I would like to spar with another adon possibly so I can learn other techniques.

ps3 @ mykittyismagical


also, can someone tell me how do to FADC with adon…


i feel you have to be really fast, its not like ryu fadc where you like ages to execute it o_O
otherwise its all about training, i did it like a bazillion times now and i still drop it now and then


use Jaguar kick


thank you for the insight fellas, it works. Now to find out how to use it.


One bit of execution advice…

One key thing to make the FADC easier is to remember how the game stores inputs, making things like IAJKs possible. In regards to FADC, there is a much easier way to do this utilizing a stored input. So after you put in :dp: and do your RJ, the game will actually store the :f: input during your FADC. That means, after holding FA, just put in one :f: and you will dash! That gives you plenty more time to input the ultra and rack up some solid damage.


midnight, i thought we were going spar, you kept picking zangief.


I can but you gotta have a mic so I know what it is you wanna learn, otherwise it’ll be tough


Is it me or there’s no Adon beginners guide here? What are we new Adon players gonna relate to ? Combos? that alone wont do. We need hands on basic ,ins and outs,needs and don’t etc. Been looking for such info and just ain’t getting it. Sorry in advance if is there and i’m or we’re not seeing it. Plz do help.


Adon guide : [media=youtube]en0USfKWGV0[/media]


although the guide is kind of old, it has everything you should need!


Something like this i was relating to http://forums.eventhubs.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=8872 Very very good guild,new players could learn a lot from something so informative.


It is good, but also possibly too in-depth for actual beginners.


I’ve been compiling things I’ve learned from for just a guide, the link in my sig leads to it. It shows links to things that I’ve learned from/videos that have helped me get better. If anyone knows of anything to add, I’m always looking to improve it.

I’ve been looking for something more advanced like this for a while, thx.