Looking for advanced help

I started playing Street Fighter about two years ago. I went from not knowing how to do a fireball/srk to landing 1-frame links consistently (in offline matches), I main Cammy by the way. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and I can definitely hold my own in certain situations. I have been playing on PSN/PC for quite sometime now and I just started playing on 360. Tonight, well… you could say I had an EXTREMELY bad night. I lost an absurd amount of PP and that made me realize that I need to change something or else the fun factor for me will diminish quickly.

My main problem has always been the patience factor. I rush down like you wouldn’t believe and I’ve realized that this leads to most of my losses. The thrill in crossing/mixing up is just too much to overcome and I really would like to develop another playstyle for my Cammy because only rushing down definitely results in my losses in certain match-ups (Grapplers mostly).

I attempt frame traps but I feel like I’m doing something entirely wrong. Many people online simply mash DP or SPD and that just completely dissuades me from doing it because they’re always successful. I know they work though, so I must be doing something wrong. I know many different option selects for Cammy but I never find myself doing them, very stupid on my part, I know. Is there anyone who would be willing to help me reach the next level of my game? I’m available on ALL platforms so that isn’t an issue. I just really want to be able to do more than just win by rushing down/crossing up. I’ve noticed that my friends I play with offline quickly adjust to my style because I am quite predictable after I develop a method that works. Let me know and thanks in advance everyone, any tips are also greatly appreciated.

PSN: ProjectSiK
XBL/GFWL: xProject SiK
Steam: ProjectSiK

PP doesn’t matter. Online points don’t matter. Play to learn, not to make points.

Check out the Cammy section for advice on the match ups you’re having problems with. Indeed, mindlessly rushing down is probably not the best way to approach match ups with grapplers.

Frame traps are used to beat out crouch techs and normals. If you are playing against someone who is just mashing DPs/360s during block strings, frame traps are going to lose. Bait and punish instead.

As far as looking for teachers, please use the online matchmaking section to find other players.


Since this seems like mostly a looking for players post, going to close.