Looking for advanced help.

I have been playing fighting games for a few years now and have gotten pretty good at them. I am proficient at both mortalkombat and injustice to the point where i don’t need to worry about missing punishes, dropping advanced bnb’s, and making noob mistakes. This however has not translated to SF5. In sf4 I had an easier time punishing things like dp’s (played juri, and a bad ryu), and overall playing solid because I had the computer to hone my craft against. While I have practiced punishing things in training mode I can’t seem to do it in a match unfortunately. I was hoping that someone of a high skill level could help me out by playing some games against me. I am slowly making my way through the Prima guide to SF5 so I should know all the punishable moves by the end of the week.

From NRS to Capcom? Completely different games. And even SF4 --> SF5 is a whole new world. To perform differently is to be expected. For instance:

I think this early in SF5’s life, play and practice more is the answer to a lot of things. Who do you use btw? Anything else you need help with, other than what you mentioned?

Thanks man I appreciate the help. I played halfway decently with Jurin in sf4 but figured with a fresh meta I wouldn’t be so left behind this time.

You can wait a couple of months, Juri is slated to be dlc :3

I know, i’m looking forward to it.