Looking for Advanced High School Students Interested in Learning Advanced Physics

I’m starting an educational research study soon and am looking for any advanced high school students who are interested in learning some advanced physics. To be qualified you must be a high school student who has already taken differential calculus (AB Calculus), integral calculus (BC Calculus) and Newtonian mechanics (AP Physics B or C, General Physics, or Engineering Physics). The process shouldn’t take more than half-a-day spread out over a few, short sessions. If you’re interested, please send me a message.


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You’re in GD now (General Discussion forums)

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I’m down to learn some free physics. I’m a 3rd year math major at uni tho, not in high school. I’ve already taken all that shit you’ve posted already.

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Thank-you for the offer Kashiyukasthighs. However, we’re currently just interested in studying teaching methods as applied to high school students. We already have a selection of students from some local math/science programs, but thought it would be interesting to include an online aspect to the study (i.e. teaching the material through an online platform).

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