Looking for advice/opinions

Okay guys, help me out. I need some advice. I’m relatively new to Japanese sticks, my SE and TE have really been my introduction to them. Before this I was a “Happs Competition for life!!!1!!1!” kind of guy…

I’m looking for a responsive stick with a snappy feel and a circular gate. I have the TE with the JLF and I like it, but I don’t know if it really fits my play style. I’ve ordered the octogate, and that’ll help, but I feel like it could return to center a bit faster. So if I’m going to swap out the spring, which one do I want? LL lists these, plus I’ll note the other ones I have around.

JLF spring
JLW spring
Ls-32 spring
LS-33 spring
LS-56 spring
MadCatz SE spring

As far as sticks go, knowing what I mentioned before, I feel like I have 3 stick options for my SE…

JLF with spring replacement and octo gate.

LS-32-01, which I understand has the snappy feel I desire but does it have a round restrictor?

Keep the original SE stick (did the washer fix) and install a Sanwa TP-MA Replacement PCB Switch Assembly, replace the spring and octo gate.

Any thoughts?

Anyone? :wonder:

Stick with the JLF and square gate. Other than that try out the LS-32.

LS-32s can be given a circle gate, but imo those gates are too small and diagonals become much harder to hit. I had to sand mine down with a dremel at least 1mm in every direction before it felt right.

But hey, you already got a JLF, just replace the spring and stick with that. You’ll save money…

why dont’ you read the stickies


Go with Per’s JLF Ultimate mod and throw a LS-33 spring in with the JLF spring.

I did Joe! But there’s SO much info there that it’s really tough to find little bits of info, and of course stickies offer no opinions from the guys in the know.

And thanks Evel, I’m basically going with the JLF ultimate mod except w/o the popping open the switches… that’s just trouble in my opinion. Replacing the switches with Cherry switches on the other hand sounds interesting… I might look into that!