Looking for advice regarding cross ups


So recently I’ve been getting into this game, and I am having issues dealing with cross ups.

I play alisa and Lili, and I am just extra free to jump cross up happy people. is there any advice you guys could give me to deal with this aside form the obvious learn to block them?


this def should have been posted in the NEWBIE SAIKYO DOJO section

No the best advice and one of the starting points of learning a fighting game is understanding what other chars can do…you have to know and learn to block unique abilities of other characters (such as their ccross ups, what can cross up and from what angle)

stop being lazy and learn to block them…learn to see the jump trajectory and the attack and block (or counter) accordingly


I guess I didn’t make it clear in my original post.

I am asking what are my options against cross ups with my characters, that character specific forums are pretty much dead, so i figured I would try here.

I know you have to learn to block them, and I intend to, but I was wondering if there was any alternatives. Specially for alisa. Lili has decent anti air with her down forward HK.


That av is fucking awesome


your question has too many variables for me to give an adequate answer. try some normals out and test which ones have anti air properties for your respective characters.

the quality of srk has degenerated significantly over the past 4~ years so yeah i feel you on the frustration


alright, I will have to just experiment.

One more question though, how viable are air grabs? do they beat out most air attacks?


Heres what i do to block cross up. Always walk forward unless its an awfully obvious front attack.


You can grab their hitbox, but when that hitbox hits your hurtbox it won’t work.
I really like to use them, but you need to learn your opponent.