Looking for advices on bait characters and/or playstyle

First thread, sorry if i made in the wrong section.

So after a good chunk of time reflecting in how I like to play and win during a match I discovered that almost all the time I’m looking to a opportunity to bait.Thats why I love shimmy, that’s why I love parrys and that’s why I love pokes or strings that let the opponent just a little bit far so they think of doing something and I can punish them.
I also want to mention that i love punishing with long hard combos. So I like the bait+punish combination and don’t mind if the char has low life or any other weakness as long i can almost delete the opponent.

So I want to ask you guys what a perfect bait character looks like?

Does bait have “fundamentals things” in its self?

What every bait character must have?

Can you guys give examples of some bait characters in some FGs?

Play Bridget, Ash Crimson or Platinum.

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I’m very sorry, could be a way to transfer this topic or delete?

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