Looking for advise on buying an arcade stick

i dont know witch 1 to get because iv been using a d pad most of my competitive fighting career goes and im seeing limits and i want to buy one thats good sturdy and cheap so if u have any recommendations please tell.

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There’s a good cheap beginners stick on a great sale right now on Amazon. Search for the wwe brawl stick. Its $30 right now, but they usually sell out prettyquick at that price. You can replace the stock parts with arcade parts later on if you want to up your game.

That’s the cheapest way to go right now. You can always pay about $100 for a better stick with good parts.
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Don’t be cheap. Buy a good one.

Agreed…less hassle…

the brawl sticks are great entry level sticks. i suggest them to folks unsure of their continued interest in fighting games

Agreed. In fact, I’ll make his life easier. What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

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