Looking for advise with my Rose play :D



I have been using rose for a little over a week now, have been learning from videos and watching tournaments but I know I have a lot to learn still I’m going to post some of my matches so all you Rose players out there can give me some advise on what I have to work on and whatever other things you guys want to point out is more than appreciated. My inspirational Rose players are , SK may he rest in peace, Filipinoman, Arturo Sanchez, Gootecks, Sako when he plays Rose lol and many others thanks guys :smiley:


Really awesome advise man! thanks a lot I’m getting use to playing her since I have been playing a lot of shotos before, but now my main focus its to main her and be solid jumping is a really bad habit that I have, your gameplay was really smart really like the sliding to get under the opponent Im going to implement that to my gameplay, need to keep practicing my block strings as well but hey like you said is all about practice in the lab really thank you Ill keep posting more matches soon :D.

Also I got to ask about your Rose mod she looks pretty awesome! thanks again.


Here are some new practice matches, the first match against the DJ player was before I read the advise so been doing the same mistakes but later I have been applying the things I learn so anything new let me know thanks :smiley:



1.) Try not to go for so many throws when you’re not doing block strings to trap your opponent. You should use them to place your opponent so you can eithe get away or apply some spiral pressure.
2.) Becareful with uncanceled spirals because when they whiff almost every character can really punish it.
3.)I know this was said earlier with the lk spiral thing but along with shotos being able to use lk to mess up your spiral game, some characters can simply walk back out of it.

  1. As zangief2000 & Genistar said don’t end your blockstrings with LK spiral since it has bad recovery
  2. End some of your blockstrings with soul spark since it’s startup looks like soul spiral you can bait dp’s and punish but it has to be space correctly.


Thanks a lot fot he input guys really appreciate it a lot, Ill keep improving my gameplay and posting my progression here :smiley: thanks again.


but you can dash forward after a level 2 focus attack since she’s +1
a dash after focus attack level 1 she’s -5 tho


Cerberus!! im a huge fan of ur rose play too :smiley: thanks alot for advice ill keep inproving.


To build some extra meter on knock down.
1.) Do 2 hp reflects since they recover quickly.

Some other things
Along with your block strings sometimes stop them just to see how your opponent will react. Like if you did cr.lk x st.mk and just stopped the block string and moved back a little. If your opponent continues to mash out of it by using special moves by srk you know to punish it with cr.mp x spiral or cr.hp x spiral.

um…what else can i think of… (Im kinda exhausted at the moment lol)

If you ever get your opponent into the corner it is sometimes best to do nothing and make them try to attack you. That way you can time your counter attacks against them also if they are jumping just anti air them to continue having full control over them. With u2 sometimes its best to sit next to your opponent. I notice some people try using low moves to poke you out so using st.mk or something that goes over low moves can punish and get them hit with an orb. I have some videos of me playing rose if you’d like to see. I think 2 of them are in the Rose video thread.


Thanks a lot for the advise man Im taking it all into consideration and putting it into my game play really thank you for it :slight_smile: Ill have some more videos up soon.


Since everyone else has just about covered what I want to say, I will just point you over to the matchup thread. There’s a lot of info there that can help you.


I apologize to the Rose community. I have prepared a write up on rose bad match ups. I said I was going upload it mid. august and I didnt due to my CPA work. I will upload it soon…very soon. Hey Heavy is it possible for you to pm your email? I will like to send you my write up for you to critque since your more experienced than me


im just pm to you here on srk


Looking to keep getting better thanks a lot for all the help guys.