Looking for AE training partners!


Looking for people to play online with. Gt is Y1 Nightwing and I main Dudley but I’m not very good but I’m looking for people to help me grow as a player.


Im in more or less the same boat. I suck bawls, I know a bunch. but my stupid-fingers wont agree with my brain. Scrub problems. Im on XBL Gt is the same as here. Hit me up if you wanna practise.


My GT is: jVjasterr. I’m pretty much playing AE all the time so add me up guys and we can get some games in.


If you guys ever get a lobby going, I’d like to come practice my t hawk. Do you guys have mics? GT: Dontae92 same as username


im looking to get in this too GT: agentnomnom


Same here us 4 should meet up my GT is Xxninjama7icxX


I’m not that new but, Im also not very good,Anyone feel free to give me an add Deadlytechnics


Gamertag is ArkChainer and feel free to add/PM me. I main Rufus and am trying to get more exp with certain match ups (Blanka, Sagat, Viper) and with my secondaries. I’m always down for training sessions to help myself or others improve.


GT: TrippyManeGrimX I need to improve my skills also I basically main Sakura Gen Juri Ibuki & Gouken


GT: Mrrayd. Wanna get my Main Ken better.


ya gt is invalid so add me on xbl SoO AmaZYN i’ma ryu player looking to get better but i can also help new players get better at the game as well hope ya’ll got mics


your gt isn’t valid so add me on xbl SoO AmaZYN


My GT i made in 6th grade lol: DaBeast48 I have SSFIV, SSFIV:AE, USFIV, SoulCalibur V, MvC3, etc


Your training begins as soon as you see my sig for my GT! HMPH