Looking for agood component cable system selector

As title says, does anyone have any links or reccommendations for a good component cable ( high def ? ) system selector?

I have a samsung lcd 40’’ lcd. I only have 2 component inputs on my tv and like 5 systems that use component cables and switching back and forth is a pain. any suggestions? And how much quality is lost * if any * when using these things?

Ive been looking at reviews for the Universal System Selector Pro 2.0 , But have heard extremely mixed reviews from good to Very bad.

Bump. any help at all? im looking to go shopping later on today for one. >.<

I have one made by Intec that I just disconnected since I don’t need it anymore. Honestly have no idea on quality though.


Stay away from anything Monster cable they make one and totally charge to much.

the one i tried out was this one here http://cgi.ebay.com/4-1-ATLONA-COMPONENT-VIDEO-SWITCH-SWITCHER-DIG-A-AUD_W0QQitemZ350039446758QQihZ022QQcategoryZ61395QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem. seller guaranteed no signal loss from hi-def sources. seller was full of shit. now i’m back to switching cables by hand. if you find anything that works perfectly with no signal degradation, let me know.

I wouldnt get a monster system selector, but i did buy a monster advanced HDMI ultra 1000 , when i picked up my ps3 and samsung 1080p and it looks excellent. got it for a discount too ^.~

300% markup instead of 400%…

If you want a really good component selector with no issues, I would go for one made by Audio Authority, Zektor or Inday. The only time you really have PQ loss is when you use a cheap powered/auto switch. There shouldn’t be any loss with a mechanical switch.

I have the 1154A from Audio Authority and I’ve had no issues with it. It swiches component video and also will switch optical/coaxial for audio.

I have this: http://www.zektor.com/hds4/index.html
zektor hds4 and its awesome. Works with my universal remote too.

I use a joytech 240c, its manual, but no loss, and great bang for buck.

I use a simple manual AV switch box, the kind that’s supposedly only for composite with audio. (Yellow, White and Red connections) I use the three for component instead and I notice no signal degradation at all. Cost me like $40 AUD at the time. Pelican one I think it was, does S-video too if you need it.

I tried plugging my 360 direct into my TV and it looked identical to when it was plugged through the switchbox.

I have the audio switched separately through my AV receiver.

I use a Joytech Conytrol Center 540c

No loss of quality that I have noticed.

Shares component, composite and digital audio as well as acting as a 5 port hub

I was looking into getting one of them, but I heard about a few issues people have had, especially with the Wii not working correctly, plus the video output was darker than normal on all devices.

Any problem with yours?

Oh yes I forgot to mention that it doesn’t seem to like the Wii, you get weird colour output and lines through your picture.

As for everything else though it works fine. I have my Xbox 360 and a Cable TV set tp box connected to it and both produce images that I am perfectly happy with.

I to only have 2 component inputs on the TV so I use 1 for the Wii and 1 for Joytech and that at least solved the problem.