Looking for Akuma training



Hey guys I play Sagat, I strongly believe this match-up is Sagat’s worst in AE and it is a match up I am straight ass at, anyone want to take me on in a few games to help me learn the match up?

Live in Toronto(Canada)

GT: Killrilla

I think the match up is 6/4 akuma and at worst 6.5/3.5 akuma, but since i’m shitty at the match-up it’ll likely seem like it’s 7/3 or 8/2 lol.

Hope some of you are down to play!



You’re on XBL, yes? Add me on there and I’ll play you I need to learn the Sagat match myself.
XBL: averageHB


Any feed back bud?


From my perception you seem to have a good grasp on the matchup, however there were some situations where you seemed to get panicked and threw out reckless uppercuts. I’m actually a sagat main myself so I know the feeling of how hard the matchup is, but with enough practice and experience playing the match you’ll get an idea of what wakeup options I can choose from when I knock you down at certain ranges. One example is when I do jab stand fierce tatsu sweep, I can either do a d+mk divekick or do a j.mk crossup 50/50.

Your tigershot game is on point though. Much better use of fbs and karas than me when I play against akumas, thats for sure. Good use of st.mk too - very good with dealing with my standing roundhouse if i try and do it too close. You were getting good mileage out of standing roundhouse on me but I’d be wary about that button, its easily swept if you throw it out haphazardly and I wasn’t punishing them like i wanted to because of my malfunctioning roundhouse button. Another thing I can tell you is if you anticipate that I’m going to st.hk, neutral jump mk with sagat is a slightly safer option than focusing because if you time it wrong you’ll eat both kicks and end up on your back, and have to deal with mixups.

Another thing I can tell you is that if you anticipate me to tiger knee EX air fireball, EX uppercut will get you through it. You traded jab/strong dps with my air fireballs which is good, but I’m not entirely sure how reliable that is to get the trade consistently. The games were a tad laggy, but you didnt AA uppercut me very much thats one thing I noticed as well. I jumped in for free pretty much, and you were for awhile until I started sitting on DPs. Don’t let me jump in on you without wasting a bar for EX air fireballs. Eh… Thats all I can think of for the time being I just think you need to get more reps and you’ll be okay in that matchup. I need to practice that match because I don’t like the sagat mirror and locally there are a couple sagat players im trying to practice the akuma counterpick for… so whenever your on lets get more games in. I swapped out my roundhouse button for a fresh one so I should be able to kick-kick without a problem now haha.


Thanks man, greatly appreciated.

You had me on the ropes early with the 5 straight wins(lol). I don’t know why it lagged so much but I can safely say it effected you more than me because you just had the bad luck of having it lag when you were about to mixup or finish a combo. Your execution is really good and your spacing is even better, I had to really be smart(or at least try to) about which limbs I was sticking out.

I’ll work on the anti-air better, everyone knocks me on it and I’m pretty on and off with it. Some days I’ll never miss one and other days I’m too afraid to test my reactions. I want to work on my U2 reaction to TK air fireballs, I think it’s a good tool to have under my belt.

Thank you for the compliment on my Tiger Shot game, all the credit goes to eating countless jump ins off of mistimed fireballs(learning through beatdowns). I also spent a few days(since I don’t care much about PP/BP) just trying to beat my opponent with Tiger Shots and NOTHING else. It makes sense now that you’re a Sagat Main, you only fell for ONE kara TU set-up in 10+ games, it was honestly confusing me how you knew the right distances to pursue.

I’d love to play your Sagat as well, would be fun! In AE 2012 when the overhead of the demon-flip is removed, I think Sagat will be able to breathe A LOT easier against Akuma.


Next time you’re on I can run a couple games with my sagat as well. I guess the reason I never like to play the mirror is because I basically had noone competent to practice it with so maybe there is some method to the madness that I’m not understanding in it. I don’t expect to enjoy it more than akuma vs. sagat though haha.