Looking for Alpha 3 Matches

Or any street fighter matches. I just got Kaillera for Mame32 and I’m looking for someone to help show me exactlly how to use it and play some matches with me. I’m okay, not supurb. But I’ll play anyone. Any takers?

theres an Alpha 3 thread just for this…

on anti3d as we speak. and thats where i usually roam when im not lagging horribly.

I’m down for pretty much any sf (original engine…not that vs. stuff…:p) on most week nights, between 6-11 p.m. PST. I’m usually on GW server #1, and altho nobody is ever online on anti3d servers, I check it when I’m looking for games, too. I’m not uber good, but I don’t lose all the time either. :wink: