Looking for an Abel Mentor

I’m looking for an advanced Abel player to mentor me. I’ve got a decent Abel, but I feel as though there’s some things I just won’t learn on my own. If any good players have the time to spare and the space on their friends list, please add me.

XBL - RecklessRaccoon
PSN - SkyeTheBard

Same here =).

$30/hour 2 Session Package Deal

i take credit card, cash, paypal, or checks

haha damn, beats me to it.

my rates are cheaper though lolol

At least you’re more qualified, though I know you jest.

aww thanks for the compliment, haha dont take any of the posts personally. you are lucky if someone wants to become your mentor, this kinda stuff requires dedication and all that.

the least I(and most other abel players) can do is post at the forums, and discuss stuff in the threads. anythin more than that, its just realistically hard to do…for free.

unless you live nearby, i dont see how i can ever be someone’s mentor… i used to look for a mentor too, but then i just learned things by playing a lot and talkin/discussing with people.

True that. I just want to do decent if I attend any events. I’m from Newfoundland, so it’s like a billion miles for me to go anywhere, and it would suck to lay down the cash and blow.

low blow man… not cool…

I’ll do it for a blow job.


Never heard of you, never played with you.
You also accept "checks."
Hip checks? Body checks?
I dunno, dawg, I dunno.

Bman, you’d have to fly up here for that, ya know? That’d be an 8 hour flight for a beej.

God Canadians are lame (idc if ur from NL, ur next to the worst part of canada, Quebec)

…someone’s a little angry

Any decent/awesome players can feel free to add me, regardless of main.

Canada is lame when I am mad, sad, or glad. Him trying to be funny made me facepalm