Looking for an Abel trainer/critiquer (XBL)

I’ve been an Abel mainer since SF4, and I’m currently playing SSF4.

I’ve reached a level where my old Abel habits won’t work, and my current friend/rival who I always play with is kicking my ass.

I’ve just begun to learn resets to undo my hold habit or abusing TT and rolls.

I really want to get better with Abel, and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who could give me some pointers.

GamerTag is NightShade25.

not sure how much i could help, but i can do my best.

XBL - spiffypandas

I’m also looking for a good Abel to test my Bison against. Preferably offensive ones, but s’long as they’re good. I just need practice with the match up. Any takers? :).

Played you a couple nights ago. Go ahead and add me up

Yes, I remember. Those were intense :).

I’m in the same boat as Kyo. I’ve been maining Abel for about a year now and i just started to get a hang on my mixup game, i just suck at putting pressure and knowing what to do on certain matchups. i do feel however that i have some bad habits that can really mess up my progression, and i’d like someone to let me know which are bad habits and which are just my playstyle. If any Xbox Live players who have time to spare, would like to spar and give me some pointers on what exactly i should stop and what i should keep and what i should work on, it would be much appreciated. My gamertag is: II NS ELITE II
P.S. The NS actually stands for NightShade because that was my old account, funny what you come by in these forums.

also an Abel mainer , can’t progress anymore , some you guys lets spar sometime

i main abel n seth, my abel’s ok in my opion but most ppl say im preety good. So any1 who wants practice just hit me up i dnt mind i like helpin ppls.

GT. KiD Blue 92

. ive been playin abel for about three months. i love the character. add me up, i think im a decent player.

MY XBL is = uberninjabear