Looking for an active community to learn and practice with


So, I’m a bit of a loner.

I play mostly from home since I can’t make it out to my locals a whole bunch and that makes it tough to really learn how to get passed the walls I hit when I’m playing online. I’m trying to train for consistency, which has paid off a lot, but hasn’t really manifested itself is tangible progress. I can do more things more reliably now (I can combo into a super almost every time I intend to!) but when it comes to opponents who are a little bit passed competent I am hopeless. I need some help and I honestly don’t know where to go outside of my locals once a week (or if I’m being honest, more like 1 month when I have the time).

Any Discord communities out there? Or reputable coaching services?


There’s plenty of communities on Discord, including some aimed at beginners like you. I basically don’t use Discord at all so I can’t really help you, but if you ask in the main lounge on the SFV forum or on the Street Fighter Subreddit I’m sure that people will be ready to help you.

I’d particularly suggest the subreddit, it has a guide called Gief’s Gym that can help you starting out and also links to the beginners’ discord.