Looking for an Advanced Fireball Games Tutorial

Can anyone share your effective TS games?

I’m currently a G2-Der, I can do BNBs, anything into Ultras letting me to win 60% of the games currently,
but I found my weakness is that I don’t do well in fireball games (I can lose to a G3 level who plays in SF2 style in fireball games… i.e. I can beat him will all that I know, but when I play fireball games with him on purpose, I will lose.)

So here I would like to ask some pros for fireball advices, tutorial or flowchart sort of thing for "if then what " scenarios …

Maybe I type up some questions to visualize what I want to know and my problems

What = High/Low, Slow/Mid/Fast/EX tiger shot
Distance = 1-5; 1 = face to face, 5 = full screen away

1, When you start a fireball war, what fireball to start with from distance 4-5? (I use Fast Low TS)

2, After a blocked fireball at distance 3-5, what next?

3, After a hit fireball at distance 3-5, what next?

4, Any tricky fireball folmula?
e.g. At distance 5, LowHKTS, LowHKTS, HighLPTS, LowMKTS (I just made it up for an example)

5, If Ryu Keep shooting fireball against yours (Draw situation at Distance 5), what should you do?

6, If 2 Sagats keep shooting fireballs (Random, both sometimes hit each other, sometimes EX deals more damage on one), what should you do when opponent’s life is leading?

7, Against vertical fireball jumpers, what fireball pattern is better?

8, Any fireball trap setups?


  1. Doesn’t really matter what fireball you use, but I typically start high since it sometimes nails people trying to jump over and if they duck, I can apply pressure by throwing more fireballs.

  2. If they block it at 3-5, it depends on how well you’ve read the opponent thus far. Against people who’ve eaten TU’s from jumping in before, I keep tossing out FB’s and jab baits. Some matches you’ll fight someone who will jump in IMMEDIATELY so this is where your AA game will keep them out. Don’t get into the habit of chaining fireballs brainlessly thinking they won’t jump though. Basically back up every fireball you throw with a reaction TU.

  3. If the fireball hits at 5… obviously throw another one to keep the pressure going. If it’s at around a distance of 3 you should go with your intuition. There is no perfect solution that will net you damage every time.

  4. throw a bunch of high/low fast shots and if they wanna play the jumping game, mix in a slow one to see how they respond. Also get into a habit of NOT spending your meter on an ex shot the moment you fill your bar enough to throw one. A decent opponent will be watching your meter and will read you like an open book on that one.

  5. Your fireball beats his easily at the furthest easily no question. Even the best ryu fireballer will end up eating chip damage at some point if that’s all he wants to do.

  6. If the other sagat has a life lead and has a better fireball game it’s GG. Try and be the first to get your TS out. In situations where you throw a high TS first and they follow up with a low, it’s pretty much a guaranteed hit for you and you can easily jump over their fireball. again, dont spend meter on EX the moment you get it.

  7. A good vertical jumper will jump your fireballs all day, but they’re not really dealing any offense and you can win through chip damage and time out.

  8. Fireball > FADC > fireball > FADC > fireball

Only character that’s going to equal you in a fireball war is gouken or a mirror match. In a sense, akuma can too, but you can usually get the best of him.

The way to win a fireball match is to 1)don’t mess up your fireball motion and whiff 2)pay a lot of attention to spacing. If someone is staying at max range and fireballing over and over, there is no reason you can’t at least cause chip damage eventually

When he wakes up do a low one first and then right after a high one, usually they jump over the low one and then land on the high one. :slight_smile: