Looking for an arcade stick builder to build high quality stick!


First off, I apologize ahead of time if there is a thread similar to this that already exists. I took the time to search for my question but I was unsuccessful.

My question?

I’m looking for a serious arcade stick builder who can construct me a stick made with love and care. I’m looking to get serious into the fighting game scene and a stick is a necessity. Currently I’m using an SFIV fight pad and although it does work well, a stick would work a hell of a lot better! I am located in New England (go to college in Vermont and live in New Hampshire) so I’d prefer a stick builder from the United States to keep shipping costs low. I am unsure how much a custom stick will cost at the moment although I know I want the highest quality Sanwa parts so a provided estimate would be helpful! Stick builders, if you are looking for some money I am looking for a stick so lets help each other out now!



It’s… called the Trading Post for a reason dude.

edit: Also, your pitch doesn’t seem very… awesome.


I will be posting in the trading forum some custom sticks as I get done, but it will be first come first serve.

In general expect to pay between $160-$350 for a custom that works on ps3 or xbox 360, with sanwa/seimitsu parts.