Looking For An Artist


As the title says looking for an Artist to do a commision for my SF IV TE Stick. I had someone but they havent got back to me in over a month and haven’t answered my e-mails so I’m assuming they don’t wanna do it anymore.

Basically the idea I wanted was Snoopy wearing Ryu’s Headband, gloves. and belt shooting a Hadoken and Woodstock doing a Fire Shoryuken, and if possible my last name (Benson) in the bottom right corner with a cool font.

Here was the prev person’s sketch to see what im kinda talking bout, cept I want Woodstock to do the fire uppercut not the hadoken. Also it shows 6 buttons but the stick has 8.

Anyone feel up to the challenge? Of course I’m willing to pay ya for your time.

Anyone feel like they’re up to it?


Nice old school gambit shot there.:tup:


Thx :woot:


I will not support this.

Thats a decent sketch.


Dude that sketch is pretty awesome, you should do it yourself eheh! Or try Image Mishmash


You could try the official TE Fightstick art thread.



Sorry didn’t know which one to put it maybe a mod could move it? Also I like the sketch too but alas they stopped making it =(. I might try myself but was seeing if anyone more talented wanted to try.


I could move the post but it’d get lost (since it appear in the thread as per the date/time it was originally posted). It’s better if you were to post in the thread itself.

I’ll close this one.