Looking for an assist that can


I am looking for an assist that can

1.) Cannot be sniped by magneto’s disruptor before start up
2.) Can go through magneto’s disruptor
3.) Can stop hidden missiles and sent drone’s too

Anyone know if an assist exist like this?


gold armor hsienko. arthur. log trap. basically hard to use low tiers with top tier assists. good luck.


Sounds like a pretty godlike assist to me.


I think you’re looking for Vanilla Tron assist.


Iron Fist Flying Kick Assist


Captain Commando, Cyclops, Psylocke


Can Tatsumaki Zankukyaku go through Disruptah? I’m a little bit embarrased that I don’t know that, since I’ve been playing Akuma since Vanilla.


Lol. There’s people asking how to block in this game so it’s not the worse question ever.

It’s projectile invincible, so goes through the Disruptor, but I’m not sure if you can hit him when he’s incoming with it.



It can. But it will lose to drones more often then not and can’t do shit against missiles.


Magnetos Assist


Sounds like you’re talking about Haggar’s vanilla lariat.