Looking for an Avatar with this Sprite


Want a new avatar. Here is the sprite I want to use.


If you can smooth it out more, that’s great, if not, that’s cool too.

I’m mostly looking to get the extension of his arm and his head in the avatar. If you put any text, just have it say Wild Kitty or something. Looking for a blue background too, something cool.

PM me if you’re gonna do it or post in here or something so I don’t go asking multiple people for the same avatar.


i’ll do it:)


cool, just let me know or pm me or something… thanks a lot


Sorry to hijack your thread Wild Kitty, but this will only take a post or two.

Hey Seth, were you gonna edit the banner you made for me to make it non-animated? I hope i didn’t piss you off or anything. I’d already said earlier in the thread that i wasn’t looking for any animated ones. I feel bad that you spent all that time on it and didn’t get anything out of it.


here you go, if this is not what you wanted i’ll be glad to change it.

Majestros- if you want me to take out the animation i’ll take it out


works fine, tyvm


Seth: Yeah, please take it out. I don’t want any animated ones for the time being. Maybe later on i’ll think about it and i’ll keep yours on my HD until then. Like i said in my thread, i love the background as well as the text on the banner you made. If you can make a non-animated one using those, it would be awesome. Just post it in my thread when it’s ready.

Your new av looks pretty sharp Wild Kitty. Congrats.